Our Mission:  Always Accurate, Affordable, Reliable, Simple.

Since 1971, Kirby Lester has been reducing counting errors at a fraction of the cost of other automated dispensing devices. In fact, with systems that pay for themselves in two to eight months, Kirby Lester delivers the best quality control and return on investment possible.

But accuracy and ROI aren't the only things on which we hang our lab coat. Our systems also make good sense because they are remarkably easy to use. All you need is a little counter space, a short tutorial, and you're in business. No other pharmacy technology company offers such practical, affordable, no-nonsense solutions. That makes us unique.

Along with our simple, world-renowned tablet counters/pill counters, we offer systems that feature the latest in efficiency and dispensing safety like drug-specific cassettes that automatically double-count, workflow software, onscreen drug imaging, order tracking, pharmacy management system interfacing, and other features previously only available on more expensive and complicated systems. We not only help improve counting accuracy and reduce labor time, but we also help eliminate errors. We offer a full line of durable tablet counting and bottle filling systems for settings as diverse as pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing, agriculture, even law enforcement.

But the thing that really makes us beam with pride is you. Today, 30,000+ retail, hospital, specialty and mail order pharmacies and manufacturers in 35 countries rely on Kirby Lester. That's an amazing vote of confidence in our people, our technology and our company. And as long as our customers have a need to operate safer, simpler and smarter, we'll provide the means. You can count on it.

Kirby Lester. We're more than everything you want in counting technology. We're exactly what you need.